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I would like to thank my good friends who have support my photography work with awesome feedback. And thanks to those who have shared their own work with me, giving new inspiration. 

Most of my images are black and white, but I have started to work a little more with color. My images were shot with a Contax film camera, a Nikon D700 with Zeiss lenses, a Leica M9, and the Leica Q, which is now my only camera.

I currently live in Burlington, VT, a cool small college city with interesting technology firms (including my own company called PieMatrix), great restaurants, good culture, and lots of outdoor activity minutes away. I have also lived in Berkeley, CA for 12 years, where I completed my undergraduate studies. I spent a year living in NYC, and also a year in Amsterdam, where I still have great friends. In addition to my photography passion, Iā€™m getting seriously into learning the cello (which is super hard!).

I would enjoy hearing from you. Nothing is nicer than meeting friends for coffee or tea and discussing photography, music, movies, travel, and yes, politics.